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About Kiwanis Clubs Joint Fund

The mission was accomplished.
Ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011 Kiwanis Japan has been receiving disaster relief donations from all over the world. The USD20,000 donation from the Kiwanis International Foundation soon after the earthquake was forwarded immediately to Miyagi and Iwate Prefecture Governments by the KC of Sendai, and to Fukushima Prefecture Government by the KC of Fukushima. The Japan District of Kiwanis International continued to receive donations from all over the world through the Public Interest Incorporated Kiwanis Japan Foundation. Thus it set up the Projects Selection Committee to recommend appropriate ways of making good use of the generous donations for the earthquake-stricken children. Following the recommendation of the committee, the Japan District at its third Board Meeting on September 9, 2011 decided to establish the “Kiwanis Clubs Joint Fund”. The Fund started its activity on December 1, 2011 after establishing a firm operational ground for the disaster relief activities that are expected to continue for a long period

Kiwanis Clubs Joint Fund Steering Committee

Kiwanis Cluf of Sapporo
Kiwanis Club of Sendai
Kiwanis Club of Fukushima
・Kiwanisu Club of Chiba